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Helmitehdas Oy is founded in Helsinki, but we operate nationwide. Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about our services and activities. We respond within the day. 

Welcome as a client!

Thank you again for the good experience with you. Having done several recruitments with Helmitehdas, I can only recommend. Each time there have been excellent potential, and it is often very difficult to choose the most suitable one.
Thank you once again for the wonderfully managed process - it's always so easy and nice to do these projects with you. You guys are great.
Now we are talking about real recruitment professionals. Extremely dedicated and expert work. During the entire application process, I felt cared for.
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Helmitehdas Oy
Bulevardi 16 B
5th floor
00120 Helsinki

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Company ID: 2678784-1 
Online billing address: 003726787841
Online billing operator: Maventa
Broker ID: 003721291126

From the pen of Helmitehdas

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Shall we rock the boat together?

No unnecessary embellishment or bureaucratic bloat. Instead we support open communication and taking action. At Helmitehdas, we want to air the world of recruitment by setting high standards both for ourselves and our customers — that is the foundation of our exceptional work.

Shall we rock the boat together?

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Saara Karhu

Saara Karhu