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in recruiting

Why Helmitehdas is the best partner for you?

Client focus

Our clients are our heart. We exceed your expectations time and time again.


We cherish our way of working that exceeds all standards, where only the best is good enough.


We are proud of each of our assignments. We do recruitment with genuine passion.

It's unbelievable how Helmitehdas seems to have candidates in its back pocket who fit our needs whenever the need arises. A truly unique experience of good and prompt operation.
Helmitehdas has a bold and modern approach to recruitment. I feel like a special and important client. I can recommend Helmitehdas to anyone who asks about a modern partner that keeps its promises.
At Helmitehtas, they are exceptionally interested in people, not just in the quick recruitment process. You can feel the authenticity and lack of urgency in the conversations, and what's best – no one presents anything.
It is easy to cooperate with Helmitehdas. The client is listened to with a sensitive ear, schedules are adhered to and you always know how the process is progressing. The best.
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Why Helmitehdas?

At Helmitehdas, we understand how significant role recruiting plays in the company's growth. We ensure our clients' success by offering a comprehensive partnership, where we carry out recruitments from start to finish, regardless of industry, freeing up our customers' time for their core work: business.

We make recruitment effortless and efficient, without compromising on quality. We build winning teams with you.

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How do we succeed?

The best result is achieved through understanding our clients' culture, values and operating environment. For us, a recruitment assignment is always a matter of honor.

We invest in a first-class candidate experience, where each candidate is met individually. We represent our clients and act as their brand ambassadors, increasing the company's interest and employer brand among experts.


A long-term partnership does greenly good!

The importance of commercialism in business development is constantly growing - also in recruitment.

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This is how the recruitment process goes

Let's start!

Mapping of needs

We want to know our clients' values, culture and field of operation. We define the profile to be recruited together with our client, offering our versatile view of the demands of different positions.

We put ideas into words

We prepare an attractive job advertisement suitable for the company's brand in Finnish, English or Swedish - according to your needs.

We put ideas into words

We reach the experts

We communicate about the open position in our own networks, social media channels and national publication channels. We do active and targeted work in our networks to reach the best experts.

We evaluate the applicants

We screen the professionals suitable for the position with the help of phone interviews, personal interviews and recommendation comments, getting to know their backgrounds comprehensively. We want the applicant to fit not only into the open position, but also into the company's culture and team.

We evaluate the applicants

We communicate in the right time

We keep both candidates and company representatives constantly informed about the different stages and progress of the recruitment. We handle communication with high quality and expertise, giving candidates an excellent image of your company's brand.

We present the best ones

We introduce our clients the candidates best suited for the position. Each person we introduce has gone through our versatile process, which we use to ensure the employee's motivation, willingness and suitability for the current task.

We present the best ones

Successful recruitment

Great - your team has been completed with a new colleague! However, our interest does not end with the signed employment contract. We want to know how the employed candidate enjoys the company and their new duties. That is why we are in contact with the employee during the trial period. For us, satisfaction on all sides – both the company and the employed candidate – is the most important measures of what we do.


Anything but a sleepy, half-dead working life

Let's say it straight: when you want the highest quality recruitment service, your choice is Helmitehdas.

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