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Why Helmitehdas is a team you should join?


Helmitehdas team is full of professionals in their field, whose heart beats for recruitment.

Leading the way

We want to set new guidelines for recruitment and breathe life into the industry with what we do.


At Helmitehdas, professional growth and learning are always supported.

Helmitehdas is a growth organization where the top get to grow and develop into professionals in their field. Our values are exactly the things that drive us forward every single day.
Marjukka Nieminen
Chief Executive Officer
Helmitehdas is a diamond group of uncompromising workers, whose main goal is always an excellent customer experience and a superior recruitment process for candidates as well. We have a super nice team and we laugh a lot in the office.
Karoliina Laakso
Head of People, Culture & Recruiting
Verkkosivukuvat Anne, Saara ja Laura 1-1

We invest
in competence

Helmitehdas was born from the desire to offer better quality recruitment to its customers. In order to succeed, we invest in the professionalism of each of our employees according to each of their own strengths. Our team members are encouraged to actively get educated, and everyone has a personal education budget. We want us to succeed as individuals and as a team.

Verkkosivukuvat Aino 2

We work
as one team

The importance of commercialism is constantly growing, regardless of industry.

At Helmitehdas, commercialism is a strong part of every role. We work as one team, and we don't think of roles in their own silos. All our team members get to participate in versatile work tasks according to their own interests, from sales to social media content production.


Helmitehdas' team
- your team

We do things better than others. It requires a gang that isn't afraid to challenge, and won't back down even in a tight spot. Which is why each of us works with passion and great energy for our customers. Every single day.