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Brightener of
your skills

Helmitehdas with you in the twists of your working life

Support, encouragement, sparring, sharpening your skills — you get all this with Helmitehdas by your side. We know our client companies inside out and demand the same high standards from them as we do from ourselves. You can trust that you will be employed through us only to companies that we can stand by in every situation.

Why settle for good when the best is available? We change your working life for the better.

A wonderfully human and applicant-friendly recruitment process. Even though I didn't get selected for the position I applied for, the overriding feeling for me was the experience of the appreciation of my time and expertise. Thank you!
Now we are talking about real recruitment professionals. Extremely dedicated and expert work. During the entire application process, I felt cared for. A cheering detail was, among other things, a message before the job interview held by the employer.
The best recruitment process I've ever been a part of. The applicant was seriously cared for. A big recommendation for everyone!

The working life partnership provides these benefits


Worries away! You can trust that you will be employed through us only by companies that we stand behind in every situation.


We want you to be aware of the recruitment progress. That's why we invest in first-class communication.


We are direct in every direction. We will tell you openly whether the team and the task are suitable for you.


We spar and support you in your important decisions: when you are looking for a job and after you're employed.


Every applicant is equally important to us. We meet people as individuals, upholding our first-class applicant experience.


We do not make recruitments unnecessarily long. We want to act quickly: you won't be left waiting for nothing.

How can Helmitehdas help you?

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We aid
you towards
your dreams

We help to employ hundreds of motivated professionals all over Finland. Job search is effortless and comfortable with us - our genuine interest in candidates is transmitted to everyone.

Open positions

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Support in the turning points of 
your career

We offer support in difficult career situations in the form of career coaching. Individual coaching sessions are defined according to your needs from one to ten sessions.

Career coaching

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has a new
business card

Building your own expert brand is one of the important cornerstones of today's working life. LinkedIn has become the largest meeting place for digital expert communication.

LinkedIn coaching

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Shall we rock the boat together?

No unnecessary embellishment or bureaucratic bloat. Instead we support open communication and taking action. At Helmitehdas, we want to air the world of recruitment by setting high standards both for ourselves and our customers — that is the foundation of our exceptional work.

Shall we rock the boat together?

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Saara Karhu

Saara Karhu