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A success factor
for your company 

Helmitehdas as an asset for your company

 We help you see your needs in broader light, mirroring the entity of your company's culture and the personality of the person being recruited - we build winning teams. We are your comprehensive partner, from recruitment to employer branding work and sales training. We work tirelessly for your success. 

Helmitehdas has a bold and modern approach to recruitment. I feel like a special and important client. I can recommend Helmitehdas to anyone who asks about a modern partner who takes care of things quickly and keeps promises.
Now we are talking about real recruitment professionals. Extremely dedicated and expert work. During the entire application process, I felt cared for. A cheering detail was, among other things, a message before the job interview held by the employer.
At Helmitehdas, they are exceptionally interested in people, not just in the quick recruitment process. You can feel the authenticity and lack of urgency in the conversations, and no one pretends to be anything. The conversation is honest and open and I found it appreciative.
A wonderfully human and applicant-friendly recruitment process. Even though I didn't get selected for the position I applied for, the overriding feeling for me was the experience of the appreciation of my time and expertise. Thank you!

The recruitment partnership provides these benefits


Our extensive networks enable us to find the best experts, regardless of industry. We are able to reach out to experts who weren’t actively looking for a new job.


We enable our customers to succeed by freeing up time for what is most important: business. We handle recruitments nimbly, listening to needs.


Recruitment carried out with the right partner saves not only time, but also money. We guarantee that the experts we employ will sit well in your team.


With Helmitehdas as your partner, you can trust that your company will employ professionals who fit well in your team and serve your company's needs.


We offer expert insight into the current state of your team and what it could be. We spar and challenge at suitable moments in order to reach the best result.

Employer Branding

We act as your company's brand ambassadors in every recruitment, offering candidates an authentic and attractive image of your company.

Our great references


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How can Helmitehdas help your company?

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Successful recruitment is a guarantee of prosperity

Growth and success come from the people behind them. At Helmitehdas, we understand how important a company's recruitment is in terms of having a high-quality process as well as finding the right person.


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is recruitment of today

With the help of headhunting, we connect the right people with the right companies. With direct search, you can hire a person who didn't even know they were looking for a job.


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Executive Search determines the direction of the company

Thanks to our expert, agile and high-quality recruitment process, we connect your company with the goal-oriented manager who fits your company's standing and culture.

Executive Search

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Employer branding distinguishes your company from others

A positive and realistic employer branding strategy attracts the attention of both the experts and the new talent to the company as well as commits current employees to your company's goals, culture and vision.

Employer Branding

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gives you
new momentum

At Helmitehdas, we know how to build winning teams. That's why we want to help our customers holistically, offering tools to achieve their goals.



A long-term partnership does greenly good!

The importance of commercialism in business development is constantly growing - also in recruitment.

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Shall we rock the boat together?

No unnecessary embellishment and bureaucratic bloat. Instead we support open communication and taking action. At Helmitehdas, we want to ventilate the world of recruitment by setting high standards both for ourselves and our customers — that is the foundation of our exceptional work.

Shall we rock the boat together?

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Saara Karhu