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The recruitment
of your future


Everything else but not that sleeping, half-dead working life

Let's keep it straight: when you want recruitment service of the highest quality, your choice is Helmitehdas. We want to open up the world of recruitment, as we have done since 2015.

Why Helmitehdas?

Helmitehdas – your success factor

Efficiency, vision, high standards, daring to challenge and modern recruitment — you get all this with Helmitehdas as your partner. We help you see your needs in broader light, mirroring the entity of your company's culture and the personality of the person being recruited. We build winning teams.

We are your comprehensive partner, from recruitment to employer branding and sales training. We work tirelessly for your success.

Services for candidates

Helmitehdas – the candidate's partner

Support, encouragement, sparring, sharpening your skills — you get all this with Helmitehdas by your side. We know our client companies inside out and demand the same high standards from them as we do from ourselves. You can trust that you will be employed through us only to companies that we stand behind in every situation.

Why settle for good when the best is available? We change your working life for the better.

Services for candidates

Helmitehdas has a bold and modern approach to recruitment. I feel like a special and important client. I can recommend Helmitehdas to anyone who asks about a modern partner who takes care of things quickly and keeps promises.
At Helmitehdas, they are exceptionally interested in people, not just in the quick recruitment process. You can feel the authenticity and lack of urgency in the conversations, and no one pretends to be anything. The conversation is honest and open and I found it appreciative.
It's unbelievable how Helmitehdas seems to have candidates in their back pocket who fit our needs whenever the need arises. A truly unique experience of good and prompt recruitment process.
Now we are talking about real recruitment professionals. Extremely dedicated and expert work. During the entire application process, I felt cared for. A cheering detail was, among other things, a message before the job interview held by the employer.


Helmitehdas' team
- your team

We do things better than others. It requires a gang that isn't afraid to challenge, and won't back down even in a tight spot. Which is why each of us works with passion and great energy for our customers. Every single day.



Helmitehtaan tiimi
- sinun tiimisi

Me teemme asiat paremmin kuin muut. Se vaatii jengin, joka ei pelkää haastaa, eikä peräänny tiukassakaan paikassa. Siksi meistä jokainen tekee hommia intohimolla ja huikealla energialla asiakkaidemme eteen. Joka ikinen päivä.


From the pen of Helmitehdas

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Kurkistus laatikon ulkopuolelle

Kuuluisimpia kliseitä niin työelämässä kuin arjessa ovat luovien ratkaisujen etsiminen laatikon ulkopuolelta,...

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Voittavien tiimien rakentaja

Helmitehdas esittelee säännöllisesti eri alojen ammattilaisia, jotka ovat valmiita tarttumaan uusiin haasteisiin...

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Näin hurmaat työnhakijan

Työpaikkailmoituksien kuluneimmat kliseet ja sanankäänteet ovat muodostuneet asiantuntijoiden ja työnhakijoiden...

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Shall we rock the boat together?

No unnecessary embellishment or bureaucratic bloat. Instead we support open communication and taking action. At Helmitehdas, we want to ventilate the world of recruitment by setting high standards both for ourselves and our customers — that is the starting point of our quality work.

Shall we rock the boat together?

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Marjukka Nieminen

Marjukka Nieminen

Chief Executive Officer